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Large pace sunzontech decide and spot device AM100 utilised multi-functional nozzles, placement speed can as many as 35,800 CPH, It may possibly assist 0402mm to 120x90x28mm factors. superior pace, significant precision, sunzontech decide on and position equipment will be the among the finest all over the phrase.

Decide and position device, often called “mounting machine”, “Surface Mount System” (SurfaceMountSystem), inside the production line, it is placed in the dispensing device or display printing machine, the surface mount factors by going the location head Precisely area a device over the PCB pad. Divided into guide and fully computerized. The automated placement machine is utilized to comprehend high-speed, high-precision computerized placement of elements, and is probably the most essential and sophisticated machines from the full SMT generation. The location machine is definitely the major devices while in the SMT manufacturing line. The sunzontech Select and Location Device has advanced from an early low-speed mechanical placement machine to a high-speed optical centering placement equipment, and it has evolved right into a modular and flexible link.

Doing the job basic principle of sunzontech pcb pick and place machine

The sunzontech Choose and Put Equipment is really a classy industrial robot, a combination of machine-electric-optical and pc command technological know-how. It achieves the rapidly and precise placement of SMC/SMD parts towards the pad spots specified with the PCB with no harmful factors and printed circuit boards by way of suction-displacement-positioning-placement. There are actually 3 ways of mechanical alignment, laser alignment and visual alignment. The position device is made up of the body, an xy motion mechanism (ball screw, linear guideline, drive motor), a placement head, a part feeder, a PCB carrier mechanism, a tool centering detection system, in addition to a computer system regulate method. The motion is mainly realized by the xy motion system, which transmits electrical power throughout the ball screw and realizes the directional movement from the rolling linear guidebook movement pair. Such a transmission sort not merely has its possess tiny movement resistance, is compact in construction, but in addition has substantial movement precision. The location precision of every ingredient is assured.

The sunzontech Decide on and Put Machine performs Mark marking on significant parts such as the mounting spindle, the moving/static lens, the nozzle holder, as well as the feeder. Equipment vision can instantly discover the coordinates of such Mark middle methods, set up the conversion romance among the method coordinate program on the placement equipment and also the coordinate system from the PCB as well as the mounted elements, and estimate the exact coordinate of the movement on the placement machine; the placement head relies about the imported The offer variety, ingredient range and other parameters from the mounting ingredient are taken on the corresponding position to grab the nozzle as well as the suction component; the static lens detects, identifies and centers the suction part according for the visual processing method; immediately after the alignment is finished, the position head sticks the ingredient Loaded into a predetermined location to the PCB. The actions of your sequence of part identification, alignment, detection and placement are all quickly accomplished because of the instruction command technique following the industrial laptop acquires appropriate info according into the corresponding recommendations.

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Operating Basic principle of Choose and Put Device

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