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Bamboo fiber is a regenerated fiber made of bamboo loess, through special high-tech technology, cellulose is extracted from bamboo fiber, which is bonded and spun. Because the growth of bamboo knife does not require the application of various fertilizers, it produces negative ions and has an antibacterial effect, thus avoiding all kinds of pollution.

Can children’s problems be carried out with bamboo fiber for tableware?

In general, babies can use bamboo fiber tableware, and it is beneficial for babies to use bamboo fiber tableware.

The benefits of bamboo fiber tableware

1. Bamboo fiber tableware is made of natural degraded bamboo, grains, corn and other natural plant loess, which does not contain any chemical ingredients and can take good care of the baby’s health.

2, bamboo fiber tableware can be used a natural plant research materials, using bamboo processing, natural with antibacterial, and fine texture, convenient for parents of students to clean.

3, bamboo fiber children’s tableware design refers to kindergarten tableware, can let the baby as soon as possible to contact the kindergarten life, reduce the baby’s sense of rejection.

4, rounded design can avoid accidental injury to babies in use, to better ensure the safety of baby use.

Bamboo fiber tableware use precautions

1. Please check the tableware often, if there is damage, please discard in time.

2. Do not use corrosive chemicals to clean.

3. The small black spots in the tableware are the green powder part of the bamboo loess, not moldy or defective, can be used with confidence.

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